Rachel Rickards







Who I Am and What I do in this World

Rachel Rickards is a group facilitator extraordinaire, event producer, intimacy catalyst and a new mother.

In 2014 she co-founded Embodied Intimacy, with business partner, Buster Radvik. Together they created a thriving workshop, retreat and training space for people interested in building relational intelligence through hands-on relating and an experience-based somatic education. The work of Embodied Intimacy is known for its trauma-informed foundation which supports hundreds of people each year to come home to themselves by being more of who they truly are.

In 2019, teacher and mentor David Cates passed the torch of the CEO position of the Belly2Belly Training and business onto Rachel as the driving force behind the introduction of Belly2Belly in Europe. She has singlehandedly produced and facilitates most of the events with her extraordinary superpowers in the field of event planning and depth in embodied leadership.

Rachel’s newest passion project launching this year is “The Field Facilitator Training,” a revolutionary new experiental learning environment for upcoming group facilitators who are passionate about creating group heart fields, and learning how to lean into “what wants to happen” by listening to the empty center, and cutting through the bullshit, to get down to the essence, supporting the blossoming the group soul longing to emerge in the space between us.

Why I'm Involved in Alma Do Solo

Simultaneously, Rachel has just taken on her biggest project to date as a community builder and visionary, launching in 2023. With partner Lennart Hennig, she has purchased property and is currently in the developmental and visionary phase of creating a regenerative land, and community eco-village on the Azores islands. Their intention is to give birth to an event and education center that lives with a holistic relationship to death at its core.