Lennart Hennig

One Life. One Earth. One Humanity. One Planet.




Who I Am and What I do in this World

Lennart is a founder, teacher and facilitator. He explores the edges of individual and collective development through the angles of consciousness, embodiment, safety, trauma, metaphysics, philosophy and deep ecology, using an integral framework of the whole, undivided cosmos.

His deepest inquiry is the potential we tap into when we dissolve the paradigm of separation that is underneath our identity and the extractive culture of the west, and begin embodying and integrating the fundamental truth of wholeness into our sense of self and our actions as lived experience of being this alive earth. Accepting and integrating every part of our being, embracing our full human experience and walking towards a state of authenticity and vulnerability from where we recognize the profound interdependency we are a part of, needs us to meet the abyss of humanities biggest fears and avoidances, among the idea of death.

He is particularly intrigued by the alchemical potential our collective and individual wounding and shadows hold for us, when we start honoring death and darkness as a place of growth and rebirth, and how we can step into a dialectical relationship towards more truth instead of polarization when we take responsibility for an internally regulated somatic sense of safety.

Bringing the principles of liberation, love, and leadership to individuals and organizations wanting to act from their true purpose as a conscious part of the whole living ecology is at the core of his work.

Why I'm Involved in Alma Do Solo

Alma Do Solo is a vision close to his heart and to the very purpose of his life. Creating a living ecosystem in the form of a village and education center that honors the importance of death and offers a lived experience of how to live in a syntropic, undivided relationship with the living earth is exactly what we need at this moment in time to bridge the gap between our cognitive understanding of what is needed, and the lack of a direct experience of this new paradigm.

A place where woman give birth, families thrive, the earth heals, where food is whole, water is clean, abundance is real, where the cycle of life can run undisturbed, where we give more than we take, where creation, maintenance and destruction are notes played in a beautiful harmony by earths living orchestra, where we honor death as an ecstatic, expansive and life affirming experience, a sanctuary for the whole of life. This is the utopia he wants to create for the generations to come that will guide humanity back into a synergistic and syntropic relationship with all life.