Eugenio "OG" Battaglia






Who I Am and What I do in this World

Eugenio (OG) has a background in life sciences research, organizational design and various mystical traditions. OG has intervened on C-level and product teams as a trainer, facilitator, and researcher focused on systems design, operations, and ecosystem-platform strategies. He lived stewarding roles in intentional communities across Berlin, Italy and Portugal. As a web3 researcher for cooperative system design at leading innovation studio Curve Labs, OG is experienced in the research, design, and lived practice of working through complex issues in community. When not writing or facilitating groups, OG is most often found in the kitchen maintaining the convivial heartbeat via homemade pizza and encouraging conversations, or deep in the ocean expanding his interspecies relationships.

Why I'm Involved in Alma Do Solo

The experience of death has always been a constant guiding presence in OG’s life and as such the project’s core purpose is at the heart of his way of knowing and living. He believes that nurturing a place of deep presence and connection with the powerful elements of the island, coupled with a serious investigation of our relational potential can provide the ground for novel research in our human healing and transformational capabilities.